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About Kimberly

Growing up in a small town in Southern California, Kimberly continually demonstrated an entrepreneurial streak.  During her elementary school years, she began a recycling route within her neighborhood gathering bottles, cans, and newspapers in her little wagon.  When she moved up to Junior High she opened a rather lucrative candy resale business right out of her backpack.  And, in High School, she began a small scale chocolate manufacturing operation from her family’s kitchen. 

After High School, Kimberly took a job as a receptionist with a large, international real estate company and worked her way up “the secretarial ladder”.   She ascended from receptionist to Executive Secretary within the span of three-and-a-half years.  Shortly thereafter, she started her family and went back to school. 

In college, Kimberly showed the same high spirited initiative as an over achiever, taking up to 30 units a semester and earning Summa Cum Laude status with her 4.0 GPA.  During her college years and those that immediately ensued, Kimberly lent herself to the world of non-profit, serving the teen and senior populations.  Once again she scaled the ranks to Regional Director before discovering her passion lie in the field of Virtual Assistanting.

Today, Kimberly has a thriving Virtual Office that provides a variety of business support duties and services to professionals around the United States.  She takes pride in helping new and established professionals let go of the busyness that is holding them back from their earning potential.  With nearly 30 years of business and professional experience to draw upon, Kimberly has developed a knack for tailoring each assignment to successfully meet the needs and budget of her clients.  The passion that she has for her work comes through in everything that she does.  Notably, she was dubbed “Kimberly VA” by an attorney collaborative she works with –an honorary title that is becoming widely acclaimed. 

She holds an AA Degree in Business Administration and a BA in Psychology.  Coupled, they provide her a well rounded education with the know-how to tackle projects professionally and the people skills to relate well on a personal level while doing so.  Kimberly has found her niche is focusing on the personal relationship building aspects of business –promoting professionals in their community, setting up speaking engagements, turning prospects into clients, and so forth.  And, as an added service to her clients, she collaborates with VAs in varying fields to offer an overall support team.

Kimberly’s most recent VA work has been with service professionals – Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, Business, Divorce, & Other Law Practices, Wellness Professionals, and Non-Profits serving senior & teen populations.  Her professional experience also includes the following industries: International Real Estate & Relocation Services, Commercial Interior Design Services, Retail, Construction, Surgical Supply, Community College, the District Attorney’s Office, an Auto Dealership, a Manufacturing Plant, and a Foundry. 



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